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Anglican Theology

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The 39 Articles of Religion

The Catholic Doctrine of the Church of England: An Exposition of the 39 Articles, Thomas Rogers. 464 pages This is the earliest exposition of the 39 Articles. It was reprinted in 1854, which is the edition we have. (Table of Contents)

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An Exposition of the 39 Articles, Edward Harold Browne. 1074 pages. Browne is the master. On each of the 39 Articles, he discusses the early fathers, exegesis of the Bible, and the theology. Outstanding! (Table of Contents)

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Introduction to Dogmatic Theology, Edward Arthur Litton. 759 pages. A very solid, topical work on the 39 Articles of Religion. Reformed, Protestant, and Anglican. Philip E. Hughes writes the Introduction. (Table of Contents)  

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The Principles of Theology, W.H. Griffith Thomas. 796 pages Thomas was formerly Professor of Systematic Theology, sometimes principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. Very conservative, thorough work.  (Table of Contents)

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Theological Introduction to the 39 Articles, E.J. Bicknell. 642 pages. The historical insights are worth the small price such as his discussion of the 10 Articles, the 42 Articles, and other gems. (Table of Contents)

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Works by Peter Toon

The Anglican Way: Anglican and Catholic

Protestants and Catholics: A Guide to Understanding the Differences



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