He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. (I Corinthians 15:25)


Anglican Way: Evangelical and Catholic

What does it mean to be Anglican? Is this Catholic or Protestant? Anglican theologican Peter Toon covers the person and work of Christ, the Gospel, and catholicity. This is very readable by anyone!

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I was born in England and the Church of England is still an established Church. But, nevertheless, I am a convert to that Church and thus to the principles of Anglicanism. It is said that converts are often the most enthusiastic members. Perhaps this is so.

 In this short book I certainly write enthusiastically to offer both to my fellow Anglicans, as well as to my fellow Christians called by other names, that which I see as the calling of God to Anglicanism (and specifically to the American Episcopal Church). By what right do I share my vision with my American brothers and sisters in Christ? I have no right but I do care for the Episcopal Church and I do look forward to my visits to the United States in order to preach, teach and enjoy fellowship.

This book is not specifically for scholars but for concerned Anglicans (and friends of Anglicanism) who long for spiritual, theological and moral renewal. I have not provided footnotes for it is not the details but the general structure of the contents that is important. I have been like a busy bee collecting ideas from a variety of places but the result (I hope it is as sweet as honey) is my own provision. The vision I describe is what I see.

The writing has been done while suffering from a broken right wrist and so it has been more a dictating than a writing exercise. My wife has kindly typed out my material and so again I am indebted to her.

Peter Toon
The Rectory, Boxford Suffolk, England
Lent 1983



Table of Contents


1. God’s Call

2. The Exalted Christ

Crucified God

Resurrected Lord

Ascended Saviour

Part 1: The Evangel

3. By Grace Alone



4. By Faith Alone

Part 2: Catholicity

5. The Anglican Experience

The Catholic Church

Roots in History

Catholic and Reformed

6. Pertinent Examples


The Liturgy of the Eucharist

Visible Unity


Appendix 1

Appendix 2