He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. (I Corinthians 15:25)


Protestants and Catholics: A Guide to Understanding the Differences

Dr. Peter Toon discusses the major differences by making reference to the formal doctrinal standards of the Roman Catholic Church and of the Protestant Reformation. He does so with a very irenic spirit so that anyone can read this without taking offense. He discusses the Bible, authority, the church, sacraments, justification, Mary, history of development and more. As usual, Dr. Toon's style is very easy to comprehend. This is a gem!

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Excerpts from Dr. Toon's Preface

I began to think about writing this book during discussions about the implications of the visit of the Pope to Great Britain in May 1982. ...

My thinking on various difficult areas has been helpfully clarified through discussion with several Roman Catholic theologians. I sincerely hope that I have faithfully recorded what the Roman Catholic Church teaches, but in order to give an authoritative summary I have included as an appendix the profession of faith made by Pope Paul VI on 30 June 1968, on the nineteenth centenary of the martyrdom of the apostles Peter and Paul.

The readership I have had in mind while writing is the whole English-speaking world, and in particular those whom I may call orthodox, evangelical or traditional Protestants.

I have included as an appendix the statement of faith known as the Lausanne Covenant (1974), one of the few exciting professions of faith to be produced by Protestants in modern times. It must be remembered that this statement of faith is not that of any single Protestant Church, but was produced by representative evangelical Protestants from many parts of the world.